Latest Wawa Menu With Prices – Updated 2024

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Whenever you are driving and need to refuel your vehicle, the first option that comes to mind is to refuel at Wawa. It’s a convenience store and gas station chain primarily located on the East Coast of the United States and also famous for their hoagies, sandwiches, freshly brewed coffees, and a variety of other products such as snacks, drinks and groceries. 

Wawa is known for its fresh and friendly services, offering a variety of delicious options making a great choice for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a tasty snack along the journey. Checkout the entire Wawa menu in the given post.

Wawa Breakfast Menu With Prices:

Wawa Sizzlis
Wawa Burritos
Wawa Quesadillas
Wawa Breakfast Hoagies
Wawa Breakfast Bowls

Wawa offers various types of breakfast bowls that allow you to customize them with your favorite options. You can choose proteins, cheese, toppings, spreads or sauce, seasonings, and more.

Wawa Toasted Bagels
Wawa Avocado Toast & Sides
Wawa Bagel Sandwiches
Wawa Menu For Paninis
Wawa Menu For Omelet Sandwiches

Wawa Menu For Coffee’s With Prices:

Wawa Coffee Menu

Flavors: (Regular, Decaf, Hazelnut, Cuban, Dark Roast, & Caramel Cream)

Wawa Lunch Menu With Prices:

Wawa Quesadillas Menu For Lunch
Wawa Salads Menu
Wawa Burritos Menu For Lunch
Wawa Wraps Menu
Wawa Soups Menu
Wawa Soups Menu
Wawa Mac And Cheese Menu
Wawa Mac And Cheese Plater Menu
Wawa Side Dishes Menu
Wawa Bowl Recipes For Lunch
Wawa Hoagies & Specialty Sandwiches Menu

All the Hoagies, Panini’s & Sandwiches come with options to select the type of bread, cheese, spreads, toppings, seasonings, and many more.

Wawa Dinner Menu With Prices:

Wawa Menu For Pizzas
Wawa Burgers Menu
Wawa Fries And Garlic Knots Menu